Customize Acoustic Guitar Body Advantages

The cost to customize acoustic guitar body is relatively lower in China. This is well known by most of the clients from overseas. 

Secondly, with complete supply chain, it is more convenient to get types of wood material of different level. Therefore, it helps us to customize acoustic guitar body for many types of requirement of wood configuration. This is one reason that we are competitive.

Thirdly, the progressing of machining technology of China makes us to be able to produce high-end products. But this does not mean that we only focus on supplying costly high-end items. This means we are able to meet multiple requirement for quality at competitive cost. 

Above are some reasons that we thought our client choose to customize the gutiar body from China.

Why Choose US To Customize Acoustic Guitar Body

The client is from UK. And we have been his supplier of truss rods since 2019. 

For years, the trust has been established between us. This is the main reason that the client sent his inquiry to us.

Besides, we ask about detailed requirement before quote to the client. And honestly tell the client every technical details as our understanding. Thus, we send an accurate offer. 

Finally, the client decides to choose us to finish his customization of aoustic guitar body.

Requirement To Customize Acoustic Guitar Body

The dimension requirement is as Pic.1.

china customized acoustic guitar body

Since the client is planning to build a cheap guitar, so he is looking for a body at lower cost. 

The wood for top is laminated Spruce and solid Sapele for back and side. Luckily, we have the wood material in stock. 

The client is open minded to rosset, binding, etc. So, we just recommend ordinary type to meet the requirement of budget. 

The finishing of the body is by open matte painting as required.

If you also want to customize your guitar body with our wood material, please feel free to contact.

How To Customize Acoustic Guitar Body

The first thing we are sure about is to modify the mould to build the required body.

Especially, to do heat treatment on side to meet the shape requirement.

To confirm the quality, we finish one sample to send to the client before batch production. 

The client takes the smple to connect with the neck of his own design. When all things are right, the client notifys us to proceed to produce his order.

customize acoustic gutiar body

Specification of The Order

Top: laminated Spruce

Back&Side: solid Sapele

Finishing: matte painting

Quantity: 300PCS

Lead-time of production: 25 days

Delivery Time: 9th.Dec.2023

Destination: UK

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