Electric Guitar Anatomy , We Want To Go A Bit Deeper

Electric guitar anatomy refers to explaination of every part on an electric guitar. But we want to go further a little bit. Because around the beauty and functionality (also called visibility and usability), there’s a discussion for a long time, even today people still discuss about this. We also want to tell our opinion.

Overview of Anatomy of Electric Guitar

Well, as usual, we want to show the anatomy in advance for the audiences to have a general idea of the parts of guitar. Please view the Pic.1 of the front of guitar and Pic.2 of the back of guitar. 

electric guitar anatomy
electric guitar anatomy

We don’t want to repeat the defination of each part of the guitar. There are a lot of articles to explain them. But we want our audiences to look at the pictures a bit more specifically. Then, we may find that all parts integrated both visibility and usability.

Which Is More Important?

Should electric gutiars be beautiful or should they be playable? 

This question seems stupid. But it is actually worthy for all of us to think and talk about.

Guitar is basically a “tool” to play a certain sound to make poeple enjoy. Therefore, there are parts to fix strings, to control tone performance and to connect eachother, etc. So, as we understand, each part, no matter how tiny it is, it has its own functionality on the guitar. Even for the parts like truss rod , even can’t be seen and has done nothing with “beautiful”, it is critical to correct, adjust and protect the neck from deformation. (If you want to buy truss rods, you can visit Guitar Truss Rods to buy ordinary ones, or you can visit Titanium Truss Rods and Aluminum Guitar Truss Rods to check). Even for strap buttons, without them, we do believe player who is used to stand to play will get a big problem.

However, we cannot say visibility is not important. Because all of us are still atracted by any beautiful objects. A well designed instrument can give confidence of the player and also give his audience an extra happy experience. For sellers of guitars, beautiful appearance always give them advantages to earn more profit. Besides, no one can deny that to build a collective level of art is always atheir pursuing. 

Therefore, we cannot say which is more important. But function and beauty should serve each other in a guitar.