Truss Rod Material Types

Truss rod materail refers to the raw material to make the truss rods. 

Traditionally, types of steel material are used for the production. Comparre with stainless steel, carbon steel is more common on the market. Because carbon steel is cheaper and easier to treat. Stainless steel is more expensive and hard to treat. Therefore, stainless steel is not so common. 

Aluminum is another commonly used materail.We are talking about aluminum alloy material instead of pure aluminum. Due to the pure material is too soft to bear high strength during the adjustment. But aluminum alloy is very hard and strong. Besides, compare with steel, aluminum alloy is greatly lighter. This may be the main reason why it is used for making truss rod. 

Titanium is more and more talked by many people includes luthiers recently. But we cannot say it is getting more and more popular. Mainly because titanium truss rod is super expensive than others. The same with aluminum, titanium is super light. But why it is cost so much? We will discuss about this more specifically later. 

Carbon fiber is another important material. However, it is not what we want to discuss here. 

Above are the main types of material for making truss rods.

Properties of Truss Rod Material

Firstly, we don’t think it is necessary to spend much time to talk about steel material. Becuase steel material is traditional and very common. 

The only thing we want to remind you is that the welding. Because welding determines the performance of the rod. Please refer to GUITAR NECK TRUSS ROD PROPERTIS .

gutiar truss rod material

As have been mentioned, aluminum alloy is hard and strong enough for making the rod. However, please keep in mind that it is also brittle for threading. Thus, you should take more attention when using this type of material. 

Furtherly, this is also why we often see aluminum shield with steel core inside. This combined structure can ensure the light weight and avoid the defect aspect of aluminum alloy. Please refer to ALUMINUM  GUITAR TRUSS RODS

truss rod material

As we all know, titanium is a type of metal that highly resists to corrosion, high temperature, etc. However, pure titanium is also very soft. Thus, to make truss rod, alloyed material is commonly used. 

Why titanium truss rod costs so much?  We don’t want to say it is a special metal material. It is not. It is just some kind special compare to steel material. However, no matter to CNC processing the material, or to weld the material, titanium requires special techniques. That is where the cost comes from. For example, during welding, titanium required argon gas to avoid oxidation. 

Till now, as far as we know, luthiers or factories use titanium rod mainly to significiantly reduce the weight of the neck. And some say that titanium rod also greatly help to improve the tone performance. 

However, for us, titanium rod is still a “luxury” neck bar. It is reasonable to use the bar in the neck of high-end type of guitars. Please visit TITANIUM TRUSS RODS

truss rod material

Which Material Is The Best?

If not considering other factors like processing, performance ,etc., but just the material itself, we prefer titanium to be the champion.

But it is not as simple as that, isn’t it?

We cannot just say titanium truss rod is the best. It is light, strong and has many advantages, but it costs higher than any other types. 

Thus, you need to consider the design of the guitar neck, the adjustment, the cost of your designed guitar, etc. Then, you may know which one is proper. 

In our words, unless you are building a high-end gutiar or bass and weight really matters so much, titanium truss rods shouldn’t be the first choice. Aluminum may be an option.

More safely, steel core truss rods are still the best chocie for most of the building projects. And there are more options.

Above all, which is the best one should be based on many aspects. Consider only one of them may leave you a potetial risk.