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Guitar parts supplier to provide quality parts to help to build quality guitars and basses, etc.

Parts Supplier

Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016. Located in Xianyang City, Shaanxi of China. The main team of our company is consist of designers and mechanical engineers. 

We are a trading company that firmly partner with top facilities of China. Therefore, this enbale us to meet requirment of quality and cost. Also enables us to customize for special needs besides regular items.

What We Do

  • Constantly supply qualified items
  • Customize for special needs according to drawing, sample or speficific descriptions
  • Provide multiple services to ensure the best purchasing experience.

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Parts We Focus On

Currently, we focus on supplying truss rod for guitar neck building.

The monthly productivity of our facilitiy is 1,000,000 PCS of the rods. And we regularly keep a certain stock.  Therefore, we are able to ship faster. Besides, enable us to provide both sturdy quality and competitive price.

With automatic production lines and mechanical property detection, the high level of machining and welding is applied. Thus, our products contain high mechanical properties and avoid any welding defect.  So, fit for long term using mostly.

Till now, we have cooperated with clients from UK and USA, etc.

To buy truss rod, vst GUITAR TRUSS RODS to inspect the types we are supplying.



    guitar parts supplier

    Inspect our machining and welding technology. And check our mechanism. Hopefully you may understand our quality better through knowing the properties of guitar neck truss rod.

    guitar parts supplier

    Only right rods will be workable. Here, we list some typical types of truss rods, length options and so on. Hopefully, this can save your time when making your own choice about guitar truss rod.

    truss rods pricing

    Since we focus on supplying guitar truss rod for luthiers and factories, so we provide our products at wholesale pricing level. However, we don’t make compromise with quality. And we can ship fast globally.