Truss Rod Wrench

Truss Rod Wrench

Truss rod wrench is a tool to make minor adjustment of the truss rod in guitar and bass. By fine fabricaion with high quality steel material, we ensure the precision of the size to make the wrench easy to use and durable.

truss rod wrench

Model: BW-1    Size: 3*100mm

truss rod wrench

Model: BW-2   

truss rod wrench

Model: BW-3   Size: 45*90mm


Model: BW-4   Size: 30*90mm


Model: BW-5   

Hexagon Wrench



Model: BW-6   Size: 30*90mm


Model: BW-7   Size: 106*33*56*190mm


Model: BW-8   Size: 12*36*70mm


Model: BW-9   Size: 28*110mm

Right Sized Truss Rod Wrench For Easy Adjustment

With automatic processing line, we produce wrenches with high dimensional precision. This is a basic of a good wrench.

This means the wrench will not cause sliding thread. Therefore, to adjust truss rod with the wrench is easy and accurate.

All wrenches are made of high quality steel. By high anti-ware property, wrenches can be for long term using.

Pricing, Packing & Shipping

Constantly, we produce more than 1,000,000 PCS of each model of wrench. Therefore, our cost of production can remain at low level. Our price for wrenches is from US$0.12 to US$1.90 per PCS. For any order quantity larger than 100 PCS at one time, discount is available, too. 

For packing, we pack according to the requirement. Standardly, we individually pack each of the wrench with evironment-freindly plastic bag. Then, we put the packed items in carton for delivery. Besides, especially for sea freight, we also use fumigation-free wood pallet.

We are able to ship all orders to any corner on this planet with our global shipping network. 

For more info, please visit PRICE & SHIPPING for reference.

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