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Want to purchase truss rod efficiently and safely with guaranteed quality? Boya Guitar Parts is your first choice.

Single action & double action for adjsutment of acoustic and electric gutiar and bass.

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steel-truss-rod (1)

Single Way & Two Way Steel Stiffener Rods

aluminum-truss-rod (1)

Single Way Aluminum Truss Rods  

titanium-truss-rod (1)

Double Way Titanium Truss Rods  

. We hope to help you to have a better understanding of our mechanism in advance, so that to have a better purchasing experience.

truss rod of guitar

We always use high grade steel material. Complete maching line with automatic welding to ensure high torque bearing ability and sturdy quality.  Check our guitar neck truss rods quality inside the cover.

truss rod of guitar

There are types of guitar truss rods at various length. But we all know only with right one can make right guitar neck. Hereby, we introduce types of truss rod, length range and some tips to help you to choose.

truss rod of guitar

How Much Would You Spend?

How much should it be? The answer may be vary from one to another. Our truss rod price is not the cheapest one, but also not the most expensive one, too.  We don’t compromise the quality for low price.


guitar strap buttons

All buttons come with mats, washers and screws.


Select types of wrenches for convenient adjustment.


We provide dual action and single action types for guitar and bass of both electric and acoustic types. By the way, different length to meet different scale requirement.

Besides, we also customize for special length, shape, etc. according to specific requirement.

We always take high grade of steel material as basic. Complete macining line always ensure the mechanical performance. Further, automatic welding, makes the rods sturdy, stable and easy using without headache caused by defect.