Titanium Truss Rods


titanium truss rods

Titanium truss rods are made of titanium alloy rods with steel stiffeners. This structure does not only make the rods strong, but also efficiently reduces the weight.

The weight is around 75g per truss rod of 420mm length. The length of 420mm is regularly supplied. For other length, we are able to customize.

The thread of nut is precisely processed. Covenient adjusting with good hand feeling. Besides, the locing effect won’t be affected after times of adjusting.

All joints are laser welded. Not only solid, but also smooth. Therefore, the rods bear higher adjusting force.

Additionally, the truss rods are double way type.

Model: NT-1


Titanium is a metal material that has a lighter weight than most of other metals. This property makes it an ideal material to reduce the weight of products.

Pure titanium is relatively soft that is not proper to bear a certain force. Therefore, we choose GR5 titanium alloy which is the most used titanium in industries as main material. This type of titanium is hard enough and contains proper mechanical properties like tensile, etc., it makes truss rod strong enough and not easy to break. Therefore, with compensation of steel stiffener, the truss rods can bear higher torque.

Besides advantages of weight and torque bearing, titanium is also a meatl material that highly resists low and high temperature, corrosion, wearing, etc. Hereby, this type of rods are extremely durable for using.

Additionally, the rods have better tone transmission effect than ordinary ones. However, because the cost of raw material and production, titanium trussrods are commonly cost higher than other types, too. Therefore, it is mostly proper for high-end gutiars.

Another advantage of our production is welding and precise threading of nut. The welding is by automatic laser welding with proper protection from hydrogen. This avoid surface embrittlement to maintain strongness of the material. Our nuts have solid locking effect. With precise threading, the locking won’t be affected after times of adjustment.

Above all, our titanium truss rods are:

  • Lighter than most of ordinary types;
  • Strong enough to bear higher torque when adjusting;
  • Won’t be affected by temperature and environment changing;
  • Easy adjusting by precise processing;
  • Durable for long term standing inside guitar necks.


titanium truss rods

Delivery of Rods

  • Lead-time is normally 7~20 days according to ordering quantity and requirement;
  • Packing is by bag, carton and pallet or according to specific requirement;
  • Shipping globally by express, air and sea


  • Size is customizable;
  • Nuts, etc is customizable;
  • Reinforcement titanium bar is customizable;
  • Drawing and specific requirement may be necessary for customization

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