China Custom Guitar Body, New Project From Old Friend

china custom guitar body

Customize Acoustic Guitar Body Advantages The cost to customize acoustic guitar body is relatively lower in China. This is well known by most of the clients from overseas.  Secondly, with complete supply chain, it is more convenient to get types of wood material of different level. Therefore, it helps us to customize acoustic guitar body […]

Electric Guitar Anatomy, Beauty And Function

electric guitar anatomy

Electric Guitar Anatomy , We Want To Go A Bit Deeper Electric guitar anatomy refers to explaination of every part on an electric guitar. But we want to go further a little bit. Because around the beauty and functionality (also called visibility and usability), there’s a discussion for a long time, even today people still […]

Guitar Neck Design, Shape, Angle, Adjustment

guitar neck design

Guitar Neck Design, Shape, Angle & Adjustment Guitar neck is an important part of guitar and bass. Actually, it plays a massive role in playability and determines how comfortable the guitar is when playing. When design a guitar neck, there are key factors that no luthier or factory can ingnore. Shape, angle and adjustment. Therfore, […]

Truss Rod Material, Which Is The Best?

best truss rod material

Truss Rod Material Types Truss rod materail refers to the raw material to make the truss rods. Traditionally, types of steel material are used for the production. Comparre with stainless steel, carbon steel is more common on the market. Because carbon steel is cheaper and easier to treat. Stainless steel is more expensive and hard […]

Guitar Neck Adjustment, Why & How

guitar neck adjustment

Guitar Neck Adjustment, Why It Is Necessary? Guitar neck adjustment is esential due to the deformation might happen during building or stock of guitar and bass. When the deformation occurs, problem like string buzz appears. If just leave the deformation alone, the guitar will be scrapped. Therefore,  the adjustment of guitar neck is essential. Addtionally, […]