Guitar neck truss rod properties are not only related with quality of material, but also with technology of machining and welding, etc. Besides, Also the quality of nut, thread, etc. can also influence the adjusting experience. Therefore, we want to show you as much as and as clear as possible to help a better understanding about our quality.

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The truss rod is made of fine steel material. Regularly, we introduce Grade A steel and Grade AA steel for higher request.

Before enter into our warehouse, all coming material is well inspected at chemical composition and mechanical properties. Only qualified can be used.

The steel material we choose contain fine basic mechanical properties.Thus, avoid any defect like crack, etc. Thus, better raw material creates a basic for fine machining.

Based on this, through fine machining, we can get a better surface roughness and high dimensional precision. 

guitar neck truss rod


The welding is somewhat a key process besides other processing like turning, etc.

Because welding quality frequently determines that the rod won’t deform or break when bearing high torque. And normally it is not allowed to eliminate any hided fault by grinding the welding point.

Thus, straightness, smooth and evenness is the key to make a solid high quality welding. To achieve this, manual welding cannot be stable. So we take automatic laser welding to ensure this.

Especially, during welding, we carefully choose the welding materail to weld different steel material. Thus, effectively avoid any welding defect. Further, with fine heat treatment, fine mechanical performance is secured.

guitar neck truss rod welding

Following photo shows the comparison of welding quality. From which, we hope to help you to have a better idea of why some manufacturers always provide cheaper price and what kind of risk you may have to meet.

The left three neck truss rods are from other factories we have found on the market. All of them uses manual spot welding technology to fix welding. So, all of them contains similar problems:

  1. Easily damage the nut.
  2. Not smooth and flat enough.
  3. The welding length is not long enough.

Above all, unqualified welding makes the guitar neck truss rod not strong enough. When you use such type of truss rod to adjust the neck, there will be a big risk.


By precise machining like turning, the dimension of the rods. Basically, this ensures the rod is easy to be placed.

As the key part where to adjust the rod with the wrench, the nut of guitar neck truss rod bar is critical. This not only related with the material, but also related with machining level. Our machined nuts contain enough wall thickness with even threads. Easy to use. 

By our threading technology, thread with even pitch is achieved. Therefore, a better fastening is achieved, too.


We are talking about 3 types of mechanical properties: tensile properties, yield properties and elongation. The three types of properties determines the strength capacity of the rod.

Following are parameters of our rods.

Tensile: 510~530 MPa

Yield: 350~380 MPa

Elongation (A%):  32~34

For forward and backward adjustment, the rod can bear force of 7.5~8N.


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