Aluminum Guitar Truss Rods


Aluminum guitar truss rods are strong, anti-corrosion and high temeprature resistance . Our aluminum trussrods are single action type with different dimensions to fit different neck design. 

aluminum guitar truss rods

Model: ATR-1

Material: Aluminum alloy with steel stiffener

Inner Hex nut 

Single action

Regular length: 375mm

For all types of guitars

aluminum gutiar truss rods

Model: ATR-2

Material: Aluminum alloy with steel stiffener

Inner Hex nut 

Single action

Regular length: 420mm

For all types of guitars


Pure aluminum is very soft although it has good ductility. Thereofre, pure aluminum is not a proper material to make truss rods. 

On the contrary, aluminum alloy is a very hard material with excellent mechanical performance. It is strong enough that cannot be easily broken.

Compare with steel material, aluminum alloy bears higher temperature. Thus, this type of guitar truss rod won’t be easily affected by temperature changing. Besides, as we all know aluminum alloy has high anti-corrosion characteristics, the truss rods also highly resists moisture, etc.

Additionally, weight of aluminum alloy is normally lighterthan most of common steel material. Hereby, this type of truss rod helps to reduce the weight of the neck, too.

To adjust the rod is convenient by simply using Allen key of 5mm diameter to turn the nut.


We regularly supply two types of length: 375mm and 420mm.  This two types of length are commonly seen on guitars and basses. 

For special requirement of length, we are able to customize accordingly.

Besides, for special requirement of shape, length, nuts, etc., we are also able to customize. By this requirement, drawing with specific information will be necessary for production or coming sample will be also helpful.

To lower the cost of customization, there is MOQ. Please CONSULT for details.


  • Packing is normally by bags, cartons and pallet. According to the order quantity, we will take proper packing. But no matter how we pack the items, we are sure to protect them properly.
  • We are able to ship globally by express service, air freight and sea freight. We mainly take shipping ways according to the requirement or we will choose the most cost-effective one to lower the shipping cost.
  • Normally, the lead-time of production is 7~15 days according to the quantity that has been ordered. However, customization may take a bit longer to produce. 
  • All are brand new condition.

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