Truss rod price is various on the market. Jsut based on price, we may be not the cheapest you supplier you find. But we are sure a competitive one without sacrificing the quality of the rod. 

Competitive Truss Rod

There are single way and double way adjusting truss rods. And there is 1/4 wide, etc. Additionally, the length of the rods is also various. Our cost remains reasonable. 

We provide wholesale price to hope to support more luthiers and factories. The price of our guitar truss rod starts at US$1.50.00 per piece.  

The price of customization is also fair and reasonable. 

The cost can be efficiently controlled because large monthly batch production. We averagely pruduce 1,000,000 PCS of truss rods for both domestic and overseas market. This means we can lower the cost by same efforts of production. Thus, no compromise with quality for lower price.

MOQ When Purchasing Truss Rod

Actually, there’s no MOQ limitation. We remain our price no matter how many truss rod you want to buy.

Thanks for our production capability and stock, we can remain the cost of production at a relatively lower level. Therefore, we are able to cut profit in favour  of customers. 

Besides, this enables us to delivery in short time. Further, by complete automatic production lines, we don’t have to compromise with quality. 

guitar truss rods price

If you want to know more about our quality, GUITAR NECK TRUSS ROD PROPERTIES may give you a specific idea.

Knowing GUITAR TRUSS ROD SELECTION PRINCIPLES to choose right ones for your project.

And Visit GUITAR TRUSS RODS to choose types of the rods for your projects.


We proudly to say that we can ship orders worldwide with complete international logistic network.

The parcel will be shipped to you by air freight, sea freight and express door-to-door service.

According to the size and weight of packing, we always choose the most effective way of shipping to save both time and cost. 

It is a common sense that the sea freight is the most cost-effective way of shipping. However, as point of our view, this is the best choice for large quantity of order. Besides, since the sea freight takes the longest time to delivery, hereby, it needs patient to wait for arrival of the parcel. Normally, the sea freight takes 25~35 days to arrive. 

The air-freight and express service is somewhat similar. Both of the two ways can delivery very fast. However, the air freight only deliver the parcel to the destination air port and express will directly deliver the parcel to your door or pointed address. 

It is cost-effective for small sized or light weight parcel to choose air-freight or express service. Normally, it takes no more than 7 days to ship the parcel to the destination.  And we should remember that express service is normally cost higher than air-freight. 

We are able to use one of the three shipping ways or combined ways to ship our products globally. And we can make the most cost-effective solution for you.